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Your Birth and Beyond- What sets this course apart from the rest

by- Beth Collier

This year my dreams have been realised- I have launched my new business Your Birth and Beyond. Those close to me know this has been a long time in the making and I can’t wait to get the classes off the ground in January.

I wrote these classes as I believe there is a gap in the market. People often have to choose between NCT classes and hypnobirthing classes because of the cost of doing both. I know how important it is to have a support network when you have a baby but I also know the difference hypnobirthing can make to a birth and I want to provide a course that gives couples all this but doesn’t break the bank. I also know that in pregnancy women tend to follow what is set out for them in guidelines but don’t always understand that what is being offered is a choice for which there are pros and cons to accepting. I am going to set out some of the most common decisions that birthing couples are often asked to make and the evidence that has led to this advice being given. Then couples know the rationale behind guidance and they can make a decision that works for them. An informed couple is a more empowered and confident couple when it comes to birth.

A few weeks ago I was asked in an email to explain what sets Your Birth and Beyond’s course apart from other Birth preparation classes and I thought I’d share my response with you so you can see what I have planned:

I have done a lot of market research and read a lot about what women say they wish they knew before they had their babies and I have made sure that I have included this in these classes as well as all the usual birth preparation information.

I work in the local trust so I have valuable insider knowledge into what is available locally and I will be able to give you advice of what is the guidance in certain situations and why but also discuss your options in these circumstances.

It is important that you know your rights when it comes to birth and we will cover this. It is my aim to empower you all to be able to speak up for what you want confidently. Everything that is offered to you is being offered for a reason but one size does not fit all so I will give you tools to ask questions if you are being offered something that differs from your birth plan to ensure that you are happy that you are making an informed decision.

Women will often be heard saying- I don’t care what happens in the birth as long as baby is ok. I totally understand this as safety is paramount but, in this country, birth is safe and ‘healthy baby healthy mum’ is the minimum we should be expecting. Your birth experience is important because a positive and empowering birth experience is the best beginning to your relationship with your baby. It aids bonding and your feeding relationship and you’ll recover quicker from the birth. I know fear impacts a lot on birth experience.  Whilst women will look forward to meeting their babies, the birth often looms as something women have to ‘endure’ to get to that point. On my course I hope to reduce fear through information and Hypnobirthing, build confidence, give you information to make decisions that work for you and help prepare you for if your Birth doesn’t go according to your plans.

Though I have spoken a lot about what will be provided for women in my classes, I haven’t forgotten your partner. All the information I am giving you will be relevant for them too as your support. I find that birth partners of women who undertake a Hypnobirthing class grow in confidence about birth in the same way that the women do. The classes will include advice for them of how to be a supportive birth partner, their role in the birthing room and address their worries about birth.

I’m a passionate breastfeeding supporter and so I will include a full ‘how to breastfeed’ class which covers the most common feeding problems (low supply, sore nipples etc) and how to combat them. We will also cover what to expect in your recovery after birth and from the baby in the first couple of weeks.

Anyone who wants more information don’t hesitate to contact me on

Thanks for reading and tell your pregnant friends about the classes!

Beth x

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