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Victoria’s Hypnobirth

by- Beth Collier

This is Victoria’s birth story. Victoria and Paul were the first couple to complete a hypnobirthing course with me and I don’t think I could have hoped for a better result!
Victoria has been good enough to share her birth story so you can read about how hypnobirthing helped her to have her perfect birth!
Thank you Victoria and Paul for trusting me with your hypnobirthing and for sharing this wonderful birthing story. Welcome to the world adorable baby George!

My amazing birth:

At 3.45pm on Saturday afternoon I lost my mucus plug and didn’t think much of it so we carried on putting up some shelves in George’s nursery. Then it must of been about 7pm ish I started getting some pains in my back. I wasn’t sure if they were contractions at this point but they continued to come and they became more regular. We timed them and they were very regular, every 3 minutes.

We rang mau at 11pm and she told me it may not be anything and just to sleep. I couldn’t get comfy so stayed up. By 5am I didn’t know what to do with myself, still not painful but they were stronger and regular so we rang again, they said to slowly make our way in.

When we arrived they examined me and I was 3/4cm, at 9am we went for a walk round the hospital and at 10.30am I was reexamined. I was 4cm and my waters were bulging.

Contractions kept coming but I could cope with them, they weren’t as bad as I expected. I certainly wasn’t in any pain and used the breathing techniques I’d learnt.

We went up to the spires at 2pm and I was examined at 2.20pm and I was 4/5cm so they broke my waters. Then the contractions got really intense and the midwife Maria, who was amazing, massaged my back. I could still cope with the contractions using the breathing techniques.

Almost as soon as I got in the pool I felt real pressure. I still wasn’t experiencing any pain, it was just a very strange sensation. I’m not sure what time I started pushing but George arrived at 5.01pm.

Im so happy that I managed without any pain relief. I just held Paul’s hands and breathed. Every so often he was telling me to imagine being on a beach in the sun. He was brilliant and a massive support.

George’s birth really was exactly what I had hoped for, pretty perfect. I’m so happy that I enjoyed the experience.

As I got out of the pool I lost quite a bit of blood, I was too busy concentrating on George so I wasn’t worried about it, turns out it was a haemorrhage.

I had grazed and needed a couple of stitches. While I was stitched George had some lovely skin to skin with his daddy.

We then went to our room and Paul stayed the night too. We were the only ones on the Spires that night and it was lovely all being together.

Everything was just as I hoped it would be. Perfect.


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