I first came across Hypnobirthing when looking after a lady in labour. She was so serenely relaxed that the only way I could tell she was in labour was when her breathing changed slightly as she breathed gently through her contractions. Over the next few hours I watched in awe as she gently breathed her baby out. She was the most relaxed, calm woman I had ever seen give birth.
I knew I needed to learn more about what she has used to help her to give birth like that.

Since looking after that lady, I have seen many more women using Hypnobirthing while birthing their babies. I have seen women Hypnobirthing while having a home waterbirth, while having an induction, with an epidural and while having a caesarean.

Hypnobirthing can be done by anyone, anywhere, no matter how they are giving birth to their baby.

So what is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a combination of breathing, deep relaxation, and visualisation techniques combined with positive thoughts, language and affirmations which will help to build your confidence in your body which is perfectly designed to give birth.

Fear in birth diverts the blood from the birthing organs due to the fight or flight response. This makes birth more difficult in women who are fearful during birth. We live in a world where we are bombarded with negativity around birth. The techniques in Hypnobirthing teach you to be less fearful of birth and therefore will help you to give birth more easily.

What is included in the Hypnobirthing Course?

The Hypnobirthing course includes 4-5 hours of theory split over 2 evenings, the Hypnobirthing book, MP3 and course material.
Included in the cost is the option of follow up with Beth via message or email if you have any questions as your pregnancy progresses.

On the Hypnobirthing course, you will learn:

  • the theory of hypnobirthing
  • breathing and visualisation techniques
  • the hormones of birth
  • the power of the mind
  • all the techniques you need to practice Hypnobirthing for your birth

When should I take the Hypnobirthing course?

Hypnobirthing can be done at any point in pregnancy but couples tend to do the course around 28-36 weeks. However it is never too late and benefits can be gained from doing the course later in pregnancy. If unsure. don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss this more.

What is the cost?

If you are booked onto one of my Birth Preparation Courses, you can add hypnobirthing for just £100, meaning you can have both for a total of £250 per couple.

Contact Beth for more details enquiries@yourbirthandbeyond.co.uk