Birth Preparation Classes


Delivered by a highly experienced midwife, these classes are full of important information to help you feel prepared for birth and your baby. Expecting a baby can be one of the most exciting times in your life but it can also be quite stressful as you battle through the huge amounts of information available. These classes will address important decisions you need to make and will leave you feeling empowered to make them confidently. We will also 

You will be given information based on current advice and it will be realistic, delivered in a relaxed, open environment. Following feedback from parents, you will also be given information about what will happen if intervention is necessary, so that you can in some way be prepared. This information is all delivered in a sensitive, positive and encouraging way. 

I know how important a social network is and the class I provide has evolved to give you the opportunity to get to know other parents to be in a relaxed informal environment.

Classes include (not an exhaustive list)

  • Place of birth

  • Birth plan

  • Your rights when giving birth
  • Making informed decisions in pregnancy and childbirth – BRAINS

  • Evidence based ways of increasing the chance of a normal birth
  • Birth – pain relief and coping strategies, waterbirth, early labour, labour, birth,  birthing the placenta, delayed cord clamping

  • Birth in hospital – if you need some help – induction, assisted birth and caesarean section.

  • Skin to skin

  • Feeding your baby

  • Vitamin K

  • Sleep
  • Normal newborn behaviour

Course details and costs

Birth Preparation Course includes five 2 hour  Antenatal classes.

The option to contact Beth for further support after the classes via message or email is also included in the cost.

Cost- £150 per couple

If you wanted to combine the Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation classes, the cost of the 2 courses combined is £250

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